Neha A. Rashid

Culture within Walls

Qatar’s rich Arab culture is preserved mostly within Qatari homes, leaving very little for expats to expose themselves to. However, the country is trying to build museums to encourage cultural interaction and preservation.

This broadcast package looks into this issue. 

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Desi Dhamaka 2015

Last Thursday, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar held their third Desi Dhamaka event, celebrating the Desi culture. This broadcast news package follows the event and the people part of it. 

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How to Make an Omelette in Under 3 Minutes!

Part of a journalism assignment. In this sequence video, I show how you can make an omelette using basic ingredients in under 3 minutes. 

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Student Life: Student Jobs

This short interview package looks into an important part of college life – student jobs – by following Ammar Younas, a Communications sophomore at Northwestern University in Qatar, and how he manages his academics with his student job at the HBKU Student Centre in Doha, Qatar.

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Musicians in Qatar: Is it Islamic or Not?

Musicians in Qatar are becoming more and more prominent by the day. However, Islam has some differing and ambiguous views on music.This nat-audio and picture slideshow talks to various musicians and Professors of religion to discuss this issue. 

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Go Wildcats, Go!

Northwestern University in Qatar’s female basketball team, the Lady Wildcats, have one of their weekly practices as shown in this nat-audio picture slideshow.

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Love at First Child

We all hear the usual love at first sight story, but that was not Ben Dailan’s. His love came after his first child.

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Capturing Moments Gone By…

As we grow older, moments become memories and memories become experiences. But trying to find an object symbolic of those moments is hard work. Here are 10 images that symbolise a particular moment or a recurring theme in my life. 

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